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NJCFE Webinars


View NJCFE February 2014 Webinar - Saving Money: Saving Strategies for Non-Savers Here!

View NJCFE May 2014 Webinar - Credits Cards 101 Here!

View NJCFE June 2014 Webinar - Top Financial Applications and Websites Here!

View NJCFE September 2014 Webinar - How to Teach Students About Investing & Saving Here!


View NJCFE October 2014 Webinar - Economic & Personal Finance Teaching Resources Here!


View NJCFE November 2014 Webinar - 50 Creative Ways to Teach Personal Finance Here! 

View NJCFE December 2014 Webinar - Current Personal Finance Issues for Financial Educators Here!


View NJCFE April 2015 Webinar - Income Tax Here!

View NJCFE May 2015 Webinar - Financial Aid & FAFSA Essentials Here!


View NJCFE July 2015 Webinar - Understanding Credit, Credit Scores, and Credit Cards Here!


View NJCFE August 2015 Webinar - Common Consumer Frauds and How to Avoid Them Here!


View NJCFE September 2015 Webinar - Financial Aid/FAFSA Here!


View NJCFE December 2015 Webinar - Year End Financial Review Here!


View NJCFE February 2016 Webinar - Wealth Drain:There’s a Hole in your Retirement Savings Here!


View NJCFE March 2016 Webinar - Home Foreclosure Here!


View NJCFE April 2016 Webinar - Investing with Small Dollar Amounts Here!


   To view the slides from the Investing with Small Dollar Amounts Webinar - Click Here!


View NJCFE May 2016 Webinar - Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Here!


   To view the slides from the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Webinar - Click Here!

View NJCFE June 2016 Webinar - Financial Aida/FAFSA Here!

   To view the slides from the Financial Aid/FAFSA Webinar - Click Here!


View NJCFE August 2016 Webinar - Insurance Basics for Financial Educators - Here!


   To view the slides from the Insurance Basics for Financial Educators Webinar - Click Here!


View NJCFE December 2016 Webinar - Personal Finance Year End Review - Click Here!


   To view the slides from the Personal Finance Year-End Review Webinar - Click Here!


NJCFE is currently requesting a proposal from qualified presenters to participate in our webinar program!

NJCFE is committed to offering top quality professional development
opportunities to those within the field of financial literacy. This
includes individuals inside and outside the classroom as well as within
the community.  Due to a collaboration with Wise/NY and the leadership
and assistance of David Anderson, NJCFE members and non-members will be
able to quickly become the “go-to” resource for professional development
throughout the state of New Jersey.

NJCFE webinars rely on individuals such as yourself to bring forward
their expertise and experience.  While content is one part of a webinar,
the other component for a successful webinar is style.  Presenting to
an online audience is a very different experience from presenting in
person.  Our planning and production process  is required for every
presenter.  NJCFE has found these steps to be instrumental in producing a
successful webinar and appreciate your understanding of the time that
is involved in being a part of this process.

If your topic is selected for webinar production, please be aware of the following:

  • All proposals are reviewed by the NJCFE Conference Steering Committee and approved by the NJCFE Executive Board

  • The typical length of our webinars is 50 minutes of content plus a follow up online Q&A over email

  • All webinars are recorded.  These recordings are available on our website for up to two years after the live event

  • NJCFE may collect a nominal fee to cover costs for the webinars it
    produces.  To submit a proposal, please fill out the information here,
    and resubmit to


Thanks again for your interest!  We are very excited about the potential to work together.



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